Purifying Skin Conditioner (oily/problem skin)

Purifying Skin Conditioner (oily/problem skin) - Code: 11403

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
Purifying Skin Conditioner (oily/problem skin)
Restore your skin's natural balance with Miessence Purifying Skin Conditioner, a balancing infusion with organic echinacea, witch hazel, burdock and plantain and vitamins.

This special combination is known to help tighten and tone the skin while it clarifies and purifies the complexion.

Important Note:

The Miessence skin conditioner and moisturiser work hand in hand with the cleanser. The conditioner is a vital step in the Miessence skincare regime and has a twofold purpose:

a) To feed the skin with nutrients

b) To provide a hydration base for the moisturiser to lock in.

To experience maximum benefits apply the Conditioner then apply the Moisturiser while the skin is still damp, before the Conditioner dries. This seals in the hydration the Conditioner provides for your skin to keep your skin soft and plump.

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Code 11403 | Size 100 ml/3.4 fl.oz | RRP $29.85 24

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