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I was pregnant and looking for a way to make some extra income while being free at the same time. I didn't want to be stuck in a job that told me what my hours were and how much my time was worth. I found Miessence and everything was a fit. First of All -the products were in alignment with my values around true organic standards and whole food supplements. I fell in love with the products on paper. I am an ingredients list reader. I read the ingredients of their skincare products and how they were manufactured and prepared. They were clean and healing and fresh. I really hadn’t seen many products (if any) like these. I read all about the whole food supplement line.  Everything I read about fit perfectly into what I already knew for myself to be important in a good quality supplement. No fillers, no binders.  Just raw, wholefood, superfoods. Nothing added. I ordered my products right away. I made a big order. I wanted to try everything. I was impressed. I really did fall in love with them. These products are different. It is kind of an energetic thing. It was like these products were so fresh they were still alive. And I actually could feel the difference. And I have always used Natural and Organic products.  Second. I love the idea of growing my business by helping others do the same. What a brilliant model for a  business. 

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