Social Media Secret Sauce book

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Social Media Secret Sauce book
Social Media Secret Sauce - From Zero to 200,000 Followers in 1 Hour a Day is the step by step guide to help any small business owner or industry professional create a world class on-line presence.< br />
Adam shares knowledge based on 2,000 hours of research, stress testing and implementing these processes with hundreds of clients around the world from multiple different industries.

Social Media Secret Sauce covers:
1. Why you need a Social Media presence and how to build a strong follower base
2. Content and Branding
3. Creating a killer profile on LinkedIn
4. The Platforms
5. The 1 hour a day concept

About Adam Houlahan
Having a background in business management spanning 25 years across numerous industries as a business owner, General Manager and CEO, Adam Houlahan has seen first hand the tidal wave of change that has taken place in the online space.

The inevitable domination the internet will now play in the daily lives of small business owners is upon us and he began researching how large corporations with deep pockets were using Social Media to stay ahead of the game.
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