Bushflower Body Spray

Bushflower Body Spray - Code: 13304

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
Bushflower Body Spray
Make the warmer months more bearable with this potent combination of pure essential oils and organic herbal extracts. Excluded: all chemical nasties!

The wonderful properties of Tea Tree, Lemon-Scented Tea Tree and Citronella combine with the effective natural repellent properties of India's Neem tree to make our Bushflower Body Spray a must-have for any outdoor activities.

Free of toxic chemicals, this spray is ideal to keep in the car, in the picnic basket, the camping kit and around the barbecue. For a complete solution, keep Purifying Blemish Gel to treat any itchy bites.

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Code 13304 | Size 125ml/4.2fl.oz. | RRP $18.75 12

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