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Welcome to MiRewards

Change the world – one purchase at a time

Did you know that you can change the world by changing the products you use every day?

Miessence's range of certified organic products work in harmony with nature to nourish and replenish. No synthetic chemicals are used, so what is returned to nature is as pure as what came out.

To thank you for making a stand with Miessence - and all the sustainable farmers who supply our organic ingredients - for the benefit and the love of the planet, we want to welcome you to MiRewards.

MiRewards is exclusive to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives.

MiRewards Benefits

As a MiRewards member, you earn points every purchase which can be redeemed on Miessence products.

That means getting your most used products for free, or put towards products you haven't already tried – the choice is yours. You may even discover a new favourite!

Download our MiRewards brochure!

With MiRewards:

  • Receive free product
  • Receive exclusive promotional offers
  • An exclusive invitation to spend Fridays with Miessence founder Narelle Chenery for the Fridays with Narelle podcast to learn how to transform your world
  • Receive the best possible price on your favourite Miessence products
  • Opportunity to receive FREE shipping
  • Receive convenient automatic delivery on your schedule

Join MiRewards

MiRewards is open to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives.

To join MiRewards:

  • Log into your account
  • Select your favourite Miessence products for your regular AutoShip order

Using MiRewards Autoship is easy:

  • Go to your Miessence account (MiAccount)
  • Select your favourite and most frequently used Miessence products
  • Choose from our alternating packs for maximum convenience
  • Select whether you'd like to receive these monthly or bimonthly (every two months)*
  • Choose the date you'd like your order shipped (the 5th, 15th or 25th of every month)

*The bimonthly option is only available to Miessence LifeStyle Members and not Representatives.

Ultimate Flexibility: You can change your regular order and preferred payment method at any time through your secure online Miessence account called MiAccount.

You can change the shipping address of your order too – imagine the convenience of having your Miessence products delivered to your holiday destination!

MiRewards AutoShip

How To Create an AutoShip Order

Start earning points immediately with MiRewards!

Log into your Miessence Account (called MiAccount).

Simply create a new AutoShip order that will ship automatically on the scheduled date you have chosen. You can choose from 3 convenient dates - 5th, 15th & 25th of the month and whether you would like your order shipped monthly or bimonthly (every second month).

Select one of our best selling packages or build your own order to the minimum value of 75 Points and your shipping is FREE.

Points are the value placed on each product. Points provide a consistent value for each product across multiple countries and currencies. Points are calculated at 70% of the Australian RRP minus taxes.

Manage An Existing AutoShip Order

Simply log into your account to quickly and easily modify your existing monthly AutoShip order with new products or change your shipping date.

Override an existing AutoShip Order

Need to do some extra shopping?

Conveniently place a new order via your shopping web site. It can either take the place of your existing AutoShip order for the current month or sent in addition to your regular AutoShip order. It's your choice.

If you place an additional order and take your AutoShip order, you will earn rewards points on both.

Redeeming MiRewards

You can redeem MiRewards on a single product or on your whole order.

Special note for Miessence Independent Representatives: When you redeem a free product using MiRewards, the point value of the redeemed product does not count towards your overall point spend for the month (example: 75 Point order including redeemed Ancient Spice deodorant = 68 points).

When redeeming a product with MiRewards be sure your order is a minimum 75 Points plus your MiRewards redeemed item.

Do you have more questions? - then join us on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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