Miessence Community

Miessence Community

Getting Started With Miessence

There are two ways to experience Miessence:

If the idea of owning an ethical, sustainable, environmentally-friendly organic business to earn extra income for you and your family is what you are searching for, then you may find being a Miessence Independent Representative is right for you.

If you would like to know more about company and the Miessence business, you may wish to view our informative 30 minute video, here.

As you consider starting a Miessence business, you might have some questions for us and we're delighted to answer them here.

What is the advantage of a Miessence home-based business?

The advantage of a home-based business is that you can work in your own time which means you can spend time with the family or continue working another full or part time job.

A home-based business is designed to work with your lifestyle.

It's also a low start up business too. You don't have to worry about the time and cost of product research and development, trademark and patent protection, branding, building an e-commerce system or shipping. Miessence provides it all for you.

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The Miessence business supports families

How do I get started?

Everything you need to get started is on this web site.

Once you have selected how you would like to start – by paying the membership fee and placing a FastStart from our Join Now page – you will receive a welcome pack which includes a Start Up Kit.

Starting your Miessence business with a Fast Start kit - complete with discounted products and business building kit - will springboard your business towards success.

In addition, you receive access to our Member's only MiAccount area on our site which has all the information, resources, training and tools you need to establish your new business.

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Joining Orders

Joining has never been easier! Select one of the options below and then go to the Join Now page:

Fast Start (300 points)

  • FREE Joining Fee
  • Get 30% order discount
  • IMMEDIATE promotion to Bronze Associate
  • FREE Start Up Kit valued at more than $50AUD

Basic Start (75 points)

  • FREE Joining Fee
  • Get 10% order discount
  • FREE Start Up Kit valued at more than $50AUD

If you would prefer not to start with a product purchase you can pay $50 ($Au50, $US50, $Ca50, $NZ50, 30 GBP, 35Euro, 5000JPY) and receive the Miessence Start Up kit.

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What support do I receive?

There is plenty of support for Miessence reps including:

  • A Miessence online store for you to customise and start taking orders straight away
  • Artwork for stationery
  • Product information, images and brochures to download
  • Access to regular product training and business training webinars, podcasts and live events
  • Free access to Miessence Alliance, an exclusive site for Miessence reps to share and to learn
  • Regular online newsletter with product and business building tips and news updates
  • Online back office called MiAccount that allows you to manage your business and track your success.
  • FREE subscription to the Miessence Lifestyle eMagazine

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How do I earn money?

This process might seem a little complex but once you understand the principles, it's pretty straight forward.

All Miessence products have 'points'. These points are based on 70% of the Australian wholesale price (excluding GST)

There are two ways to earn money with Miessence.

  • Earn money through product sales
  • Earn money by signing additional Miessence Independent Representatives and earn a bonus from each sale their customers make.

The Total Points Value (TPV) of purchases made by your customers and Miessence reps that you have sponsored, are calculated each month to determine your rank in the business. The higher your rank, the more bonuses you are eligible for.

Comprehensive details our compensation plan can be found on our Compensation Plan page.

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Miessence Product Discounts

Miessence Independent Representatives are eligible for outstanding discounts. Just take a look below:

Discounts for representatives on AutoShip

 Order Value (Points)   0-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300-499   500-699   700+ 
 Regular Discount   0%   10%   20%   25%   30%   35%   40% 
 AutoShip Discount   0%   20%   30%   30%   30%   35%   40% 

You can get free shipping! Use our handy guide to show how much you can save!

 Order Value (Points)   0-49   50-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300+
 Regular Shipping   $9.95   $9.95   $9.95   $4.95   $4.95   FREE 
 AutoShip Shipping   $9.95   $4.95   FREE   FREE   FREE   FREE 

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Miessence Membership Renewal

Miessence does not have any renewal fees.

Join today. It's easy and rewarding.

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