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Miessence Community

Miessence Discounts and Shipping

Enjoy the most pure, potent and fresh organic products in the world and save with the most amazing discounts and the opportunity for free shipping.

Miessence Lifestyle Members and Representatives can receive discounts up to 40% off the recommended retail price and FREE shipping depending on the size of your product order.

Yes! That's right! Everyone gets amazing discounts with Miessence.

 Order Value (Points)   0-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300-499   500-699   700+ 
 Regular Discount   0%   10%   20%   25%   30%   35%   40% 
 AutoShip Discount   0%   20%   30%   30%   30%   35%   40% 

You can get free shipping! Use our handy guide to show how!

 Order Value (Points)   0-49   50-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300+
 Regular Shipping   $9.95   $9.95   $9.95   $4.95   $4.95   FREE 
 AutoShip Shipping   $9.95   $4.95   FREE   FREE   FREE   FREE 

What are points?

Points are the value placed on each product. Points provide a consistent value for each product across multiple countries and currencies. Points are calculated at 70% of the Australian RRP minus taxes.

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