Miessence Community

Miessence Community

The Miessence Community

Enjoy the many discounts available through Miessence

The Miessence community is a vibrant group of like-minded people who have a passion for certified organic products for their health, beauty and home.

Our members are doing something wonderful for themselves and their family by using Miessence products but, just as importantly, they are also helping support organic and free trade farmers in emerging communities around the world.

If you'd like to be a part of our international community, there are two ways to become involved:

Save even more with AutoShip

You'll love the shop at home convenience of Miessence - health, home and personal care products delivered fresh to your door.

You can enjoy even more benefits by electing to receive your favourite products on an automatic shipment, called AutoShip.

  • Choose monthly or bimonthly (every two months) delivery
  • Receive special discounts
  • Be eligible for free shipping
  • Join MiRewards to redeem free product

To find out more about AutoShip and MiRewards, just click here.

As a Miessence Lifestyle Member or Independent Representative, you can be assured that your purchase is more than carbon neutral, it's carbon negative, which means we offset more than we emit during supply, manufacturing, distribution and promotion!

To find out more about our commitment to people and the environment, please visit our Leadership and Sustainability pages.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy Miessence - you can receive permanent discounts on all of our products and other exclusive benefits.

Miessence Benefits and Discounts

Enjoy the most pure, potent and fresh organic products in the world and save with the most amazing discounts and the opportunity for free shipping.

Miessence Lifestyle Members and Representatives can receive discounts up to 40% off the recommended retail price and FREE shipping depending on the size of your product order.

Yes! That's right! Everyone gets amazing discounts with Miessence.

 Order Value (Points)   0-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300-499   500-699   700+ 
 Regular Discount   0%   10%   20%   25%   30%   35%   40% 
 AutoShip Discount   0%   20%   30%   30%   30%   35%   40% 

You can get free shipping! Use our handy guide to show how much you can save!

 Order Value (Points)   0-49   50-74   75-139   140-199   200-299   300+
 Regular Shipping   $9.95   $9.95   $9.95   $4.95   $4.95   FREE 
 AutoShip Shipping   $9.95   $4.95   FREE   FREE   FREE   FREE 

What are points?

Points are the value placed on each product. Points provide a consistent value for each product across multiple countries and currencies. Points are calculated at 70% of the Australian RRP minus taxes.

Miessence Independent Representatives

Miessence community is a vibrant, proactive group

If you are looking for a sustainable home-based business with opportunities to grow a supplementary income, then join the thousands of other people around the world who are Miessence Independent Representatives.

Miessence Independent Representatives earn extra income by starting a home business and enjoy the support of experienced business people, on-going training, business building tools and exclusive offers.

As a Independent Representative in the global Miessence community, you can choose to participate in our social network through Miessence Alliance or our Facebook page. In these sites you can pick up many tips, and helpful information as well as getting to know great people from all over the world that share similar interests around health and organics along with creating a successful home business.


Just wanted to pass on my gratitude for consistently great products and timely delivery.

My skin has never felt and looked better which has led me to use a variety of your products. I can honestly say that they are all fantastic and across the entire range - I cannot fault any of it.

Also, just wanted you to know that the customer service that you give is consistently of an excellent standard, with the people on the phone always warm and helpful.

Sometimes people forget to say thank you for the service they recieve. So I just thought I would pop this through to say just that - thank you.

Joining has never been easier! Select one of the options below and then go to the Join Now page:

Fast Start (300 points)

  • FREE Joining Fee
  • Get 30% off the total cost of your order
  • FREE Start Up Kit valued at more than $50AUD

Basic Start (75 points)

  • FREE Joining Fee
  • Get 10% off the total cost of your order
  • FREE Start Up Kit valued at more than $50AUD

If you would prefer not to start with a product purchase you can pay $50 ($AU50, $US50, $CA50, $NZ50, 30 GBP, 35Euro, 5000JPY) and receive the Miessence $AU50 Start Up kit.

Would you like to know more? Then take a look at the Join Now page.

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